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Silk Scarf, "Reversal", (22" x 72")


“Reversal", (22" x 72")

“Reversal,” the high-quality 22" x 72" double-sided silk charmeuse scarf shown here has saturated colors of two different patterns and opposing color palettes on opposite sides. They blend dramatically when draped and tied. Made In America.

Viz.U.lee.Organik, a textile company founded by American conservation photographer Robert Glenn Ketchum, is exploring photographic imagery derived from nature and applied to fine fabric, personal items and home accessories. Ketchum’s intricately patterned creations are abstracted from his huge library of photographs. This artist believes working from pictures of the natural world, infuses his designs with energies and rhythms no drawing could replicate or convey. He also thinks that such images bring nature’s energy into the urban environment, thus promoting more positive personal surroundings.

“Reversal" retails for $190.00 USD